Franzis Haus Venus®: your 5 star brothel in Ingolstadt!

Welcome to Franzis Haus Venus®!

This 5 star brothel in Ingolstadt has been in business for 9 years now and has always represented the epitome of quality and client satisfaction. Often imitated, never equalled. Franzis Haus®: the One-And-Only in Ingolstadt. Cleanliness, exquisite service and absolute discretion: these are the top priorities in Franzis Haus®, the most exclusive brothel in Ingolstadt. We try to give you a unique experience, each and every time you visit us. From the number of ladies present, we are similar to a “laufhaus” (walk-around brothel), but we place great value on discretion and privacy, always making meticulously sure that our male guests do not meet each other when they visit. Franzis Haus® in Ingolstadt is not like a typical brothel.

  In our establishment with its interior furnishings in baroque style, you will find 450m² filled with plenty of kitsch, an abundance of luxury and a grandiose ambience that you have certainly never experienced before. In Franzis Haus®, the traditional private apartment house for dates in Ingolstadt, there are 7 - 10 international top models waiting for you every week from the most diverse and exotic corners of the world; divinely beautiful 18+ girls who will indulge your every desire using all the tricks in the book. In Franzis Haus® you will discover what luxury and good service really mean and at local prices too; no-one becomes poor by going to Franzis Haus®. With us every guest who books at least half an hour with one of our ladies receives a 50% voucher for his next visit. We therefore like to thank above all our regular clients for their loyalty. The enchanting ladies in Franzis Haus® will almost be able to read your desires from your lips, and you will feel more at home than in any other brothel or “laufhaus”you may have visited before. In Franzis Haus® you will experience eroticism in Ingolstadt at a completely new level. 

Not your usual “laufhaus” in Ingolstadt

Franzis Haus® is not a “laufhaus” (walk-around brothel) in Ingolstadt or even a bar, but a private wellness address to spend delightful erotic hours. In our brothel you have the opportunity of getting to know a daily changing variety of pretty ladies from different countries and spending intimate hours with them in a romantic togetherness. Choose your personal dream lady from numerous 18+ top girls, withdraw to one of our extravagant themed rooms with her and allow yourself to be seduced by her.

Excellent service and absolute discretion take top priority at Franzis Haus®.

After you have rung our bell, you will be greeted by one of our friendly reception ladiesand welcomed. Then she will take you discreetly to one of our separate theme rooms. In contrast to a “laufhaus” (walk-around brothel), you don’t walk from door to door looking for a playmate; the ladies come discreetly to you, introduce themselves to you individually and in detail, describe themselves and the service they offer. After you have decided on a lady, you can abandon yourself completely to your lust and your fantasies. The reception ladies at our house look after your well-being perfectly, as well as that of the ladies present, receive the guests, attend to the cleanliness of the house and handle the telephone appointments of all male and female guests. During your visit to Franzis Haus® you can contact the reception ladies at any time - they are there to help you.

All prices are decided by the ladies in their team. Agreement on the services and the prices, as well as payment for the services, takes place exclusively with the ladies, in their name and on their account.

We are already looking forward to meeting you and hope you have a great time surfing.

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